Marley Engineered Products HBB1008 Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

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A Sheathed Electric Heating Element is Totally Immersed in a Heat-Transfer Liquid and Sealed in a Heater-Length Copper Tube; The Large Diameter Reservoir Maximizes the Volume of Heat Storage Fluid to Prolong the Thermal Constant of the Entire Heater; Gentle Heat Keeps Radiating Even after the Thermostat Turns off Because of the Hydronic Elements Retention Qualities; The Entire Unit Mounts Flush to any Wall and Flat on any Floor-Wood, Carpet or Tile; The Trim, 3 Inch Thick Functional Design and Low Operating Temperatures Allow Carpeting to be Installed Upto and Around the Baseboard; Heavy-Duty Welded Steel Louvered Grilles Discourage Insertion of Foreign Objects and Direct Heat Outward into the Room; Designer-Style Junction Boxes are Made of High-Strength Lexan to Resist Scratches and Wear Marks; Built-In Cut-Off Automatically Shuts Down the Heater Should any Overheating Occur; Heater has a Durable Textured Polyester Powder Coat Finish for Corrosion Resistance


Type: Slim
Voltage Rating: 208 V
Current Rating: 4.8 Ampere at 208 V
Power Rating: 1000 W at 208 V
Number of Phases: 1
Watt Density: 145/188/250 W/Ft
Heating Capacity: 3413 BTU/Hr at 208 V
Length: 46 Inch
Height: 8-3/8 Inch
Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coated
Color: Navajo White
Heating Element: Aluminum Finned Nickel Chromium Element
Control Type: Low Voltage Relay
Mounting: Floor, Wall, Flush
Application: Commercial, Residential
Approval: UL (Canada and US)