Mersen EP FEB-11-11 Midget Fuse Holder

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Mersen's complete line of single and dual pole in-line fuse holders accommodate either 1-1/2" x 13/32" (10 x 38 mm) midget or Class CC fuses. The fuse holders are designed for quick installation. Securing nuts or screws are captive thus speeding installation by reducing the need to locate and assemble loose components in the field. Three internal O-rings per pole seal the fuse holder providing a water-resistant compartment for the fuse. The captive O-rings are colored (blue for single pole and red for dual pole) for quick detection. Optional cone shaped insulator boots can be slipped on to provide a watertight seal (breakaway versions come with boots standard). Both single and dual pole versions have an optional breakaway feature which safely disconnects the load in case of a pole knockdown. Fuses remain safely encapsulated within the watertight fuse holder on the load side. Once the pole has been reinstalled the fuse holder can be easily reconnected.


Type: In-Line
Material: Polyethylene
Number of Poles: 1
Fuse Type: Midget
Voltage Rating: 600 Volt AC/DC
Fuse Current Rating: 30 Amp
Line Wire Size: (1) 12 to 8 AWG, (2) 14 to 12 AWG Solid/Stranded (Copper)
Load Wire Size: (1) 12 to 8 AWG, (2) 14 to 12 AWG Solid/Stranded (Copper)
Terminal Type: Crimp (Line/Load Side)
Approval: UL, CSA