Marley Engineered Products CRA1512IF Fan Forced Wall Heater

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Suitable for Use in Almost any Room; Use Single Heaters in Smaller Rooms Such as Bedrooms and Bathrooms; Fast-Response Coil Element Assures Quick Heat and Low Maintenance; 3-Piece Construction Offers Ease of Installation; European Styling Sleek Rounded Corners Complements any Room Decor; Dual Protection Thermal Cutout with Indicator Light and One Time Thermal Fuse


Type: European
Voltage Rating: 120 V
Current Rating: 3.1/6.3/9.4/12.5 Ampere
Power Rating: 375/750/1125/1500 W
Heating Capacity: 1280/2560/3838/5118 BTU/Hr
Housing Size: 9-3/8 Inch W x 3-3/4 Inch D x 11-1/8 Inch H
Material: Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel
Color: Northern White (Grill)
Heating Element: Nickel Chromium
Fan/Motor Type: Permanently Lubricated Motor
Air Flow Rate: 50 CFM
Mounting: Recessed/Surface
Application: Residential
Approval: UL (Canada and US)