Mersen EP A2D400R Low Voltage UL Power Fuse

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The Amp-Trap 2000 SmartSpot A2D-R fuses feature a visual open fuse indicator and provide IEC Type 2 No Damage protection to main, feeder and branch circuits for all types of loads. With time-delay characteristics for handling harmless in-rush currents, current-limiting ability and a wide range of ratings (from 1 to 600 Amperes), A2D-R fuses give excellent protection for all your applications.


Type: Class RK1
Characteristics: Time Delay
Voltage Rating: 250 Volt AC/DC
Current Rating: 400 Amp
Interrupting Rating: 200 Kiloamp (AC), 100 Kiloamp (DC)
Terminal Type: Blade
Diameter: 2.06 Inch
Length: 8.63 Inch
Approval: UL 248/248-12, CSA C22.2