Marley Engineered Products BKOC25726W Electric Baseboard Heater

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Commercial Grade Construction 18-Gauge Front and Cover Brackets Allow Heater to Withstand Rigors of Commercial Applications; Easy Installation Can be Installed with Minimal Disassembly, Using Mounting Holes in Rear of Cabinet; Built-In Wireway Facilitates End-to-End Installation of Continuous-Run Heaters; Efficient Heat Dissipation Chimney Fin Type Element Designed for Maximum Air Circulation, Air Flow is Directed Away from Walls; Steel Sheathed Element Heating Element Design Combines the Durability of a Steel Tubular Heater with the Excellent Heat Transfer Characteristics of Aluminum Fins; Roomy Junction Box Large, Identical, Pre-Wired Junction Boxes at Each End are Provided with Knockouts in the Rear, Bottom, Inside and Outside Junction Box Walls; Navajo White Durable Textured Polyester Powder Coat Finish


Type: Slim
Voltage Rating: 208/277/240 V
Current Rating: 1.4 Ampere at 208 V, 1.8 Ampere at 277 V, 1.6 Ampere at 240 V
Power Rating: 282 W at 208 V, 500 W at 277 V, 376 W at 240 V
Number of Phases: 1
Watt Density: 145/250 W/Ft
Heating Capacity: 962 BTU/Hr at 208 V, 1706 BTU/Hr at 277 V, 1283 BTU/Hr at 240 V
Length: 2 Ft 6 Inch
Height: 6-3/4 Inch
Material: 18-Gauge Steel
Finish: Polyester Powder Coated
Color: Navajo White
Heating Element: Aluminum Finned Tubular Steel
Mounting: Floor, Flush
Application: Commercial
Approval: UL (Canada and US)