Burndy KSA350 Split Bolt Connector

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No Scratch Brushing Required; No Oxide Inhibitor Required; Orients the Conductor; Provides Maximum Pressure and Assures a Secure Connection of Run and Tap Conductors; Facilitates Piercing the Aluminum Conductor Surface Oxides; Provides a Low Contact Resistance; Provides Equal Coefficient of Expansion; Inhibits the Reformation of Oxides by Producing a Gas-Tight Seal; Provides Improved Retention of Minimum to Maximum Conductor Combinations


Installation: Split Bolt
Conductor Material: Aluminum/Copper
Minimum Run Conductor Size: 1/0 AWG Stranded Compact
Maximum Run Conductor Size: 350 KCMIL
Minimum Tap Conductor Size: 4 AWG Stranded
Maximum Tap Conductor Size: 350 KCMIL
Material: Tin Plated Aluminum
Approval: UL, CSA